2019 NY Definitive – US$ 0.85


2019 NY Definitive – US$ 0.85


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Stop Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

The objective of this stamp is to raise awareness worldwide regarding the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse, of which no institution is immune, and to address the stigma and discrimination that victims face. The United Nations recognizes that it has a unique responsibility to set global standards, from prevention to response, in confronting sexual exploitation and abuse.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has pledged to do all within his authority in partnership with Member States and civil society to eradicate sexual exploitation and abuse. Building on the existing zero-tolerance policy, the United Nations has developed a strategy aimed at bringing about a cultural and operational change to improve dramatically how the United Nations prevents and responds to sexual exploitation and abuse. As a centerpiece of this strategy, the Secretary-General has prioritized first and foremost the rights and dignity of victims. Prevention and accountability are at the core implementing the zero-tolerance policy, as are related measures to raising public awareness, training and conducting risk assessments.

For more information about this topic please visit www.un.org/preventing-sexual-exploitation-and-abuse.

Date of issue: 15 March 2019
Artist: Chris Gash (USA)
Denomination: $0.85
Stamp size: 40 mm x 30 mm
Stamps per sheet: 20
Printer: Lowe-Martin Group
Process: Offset lithography plus hexachrome
Perforation: 13.3
Quantity: 7,000 sheets (140,000 stamps)

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