Stamp Selection Process

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) is proud of its role of disseminating information about the work of the Organization through the issuance of postage stamps. Themes or topics chosen for United Nations stamps play a significant role in UNPA’s outreach for the Organization.

Suggestions for new United Nations stamp subjects are made in several ways. The UNPA offices in New York and Vienna, in consultation with the Chief, UNPA, may research and suggest topics to commemorate certain UN anniversaries, International Years designated by the United Nations or UN General Assembly resolutions. Suggestions are also made by Heads of UN offices and specialized agencies to commemorate a certain event or milestone. The general public is welcome to make suggestions as well.

All stamp subject proposals are submitted to the UNPA Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC) for review. Selected themes must be consistent with UNPA’s mission and be truly reflective of the Organization’s work. They should be non-controversial politically and unlikely to offend any religious or ethnic group. The subject matter should be varied, artistic and attractive to maintain the interest of collectors and the public. Unsolicited designs for new postage stamps are not accepted.

The UNPA Stamp Advisory Committee members review and provide guidance on artwork and designs for stamp subjects that are scheduled to be issued. The SAC may approve or reject proposals or set them aside for consideration for future issuance.

Suggestions for United Nations stamp themes of international character and world-wide interest are always welcome. Requests for stamp issues should be received at least two years in advance, as such lead time is essential for UNPA to adhere to organizational procedures and policies. Proposals should be submitted in writing to the following address:

United Nations Postal Administration
Stamp Advisory Committee
P.O. Box 5900
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163-5900

or e-mail:

The United Nations reserves the right to reject any stamp proposal that it deems necessary.