World Art Day

World Art Day

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World Art Day was proclaimed at the fortieth session of UNESCO’s General Conference in 2019 to promote the development, expression, and enjoyment of art.

Each year, on 15 April, World Art Day celebrations help reinforce the links between artistic creations and society, encourage greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions and highlight the contribution of artists to sustainable development. It is also an occasion to shine a light on arts education in schools, as culture can pave the way for inclusive and equitable education.

Art nurtures creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for all people across the globe. It also plays an important role in sharing knowledge as well as encouraging curiosity and dialogue. We must continue to support environments where artistic freedom is promoted and protected. In this way, furthering the development of art also furthers our means to achieve a free and peaceful world.

The stamp designs are from the UNESCO art collection. The stamp sheets feature a description of the designs as well as a statement by the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay.

The Designs:

US$ 0.63 Henry Moore – Reclining Figure
US$ 1.45 Le Corbusier – Pinton Frères
CHF 1,10 Rosa María Pujol Avellana – Soleil éclatant
CHF 2,30 Toshihiro Hamano – Dove of Peace
€ 1,00 Pablo Picasso – The Fall of Icarus
€ 1,90 Yves Pede – The spirits of the ancestors

Date of issue: 15 April 2023
Designer: Sergio Baradat (United Nations)
Designs: UNESCO Art Collection
Denominations: 63¢, $1.45, CHF 1,10, CHF 2,30, €1,00, €1,90
Stamp size: 50 mm x 35 mm
Sheet size: 220 mm x 180 mm
Format: Sheets of 12 stamps
Printer: Cartor Security Printing (France)
Process: Offset lithography
US$ 0.63 9,000 sheets
US$ 1.45 9,000 sheets
CHF 1,10 9.000 sheets
CHF 2,30 9.000 sheets
€ 1,00 10.000 sheets
€ 1,90 10.000 sheets