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On 17 May 2018, UNPA will issue a special event sheet to commemorate the “NABA Lugano 2018” stamp show in Switzerland. The sheet is composed of ten different CHF 1.50 denominated stamps. The stamps and the background image feature views of the Lake and the City of Lugano. Alternating on the tabs are the United Nations emblem and the NABA 2018 logo.

Customers with standing order requirements for Geneva special personalized stamp sheets (art. 94) will automatically receive this item through their accounts.

Description of the images:

The mountain in the background is Monte San Salvatore, which rises 912 metres above sea level. It offers views over Lugano and a rack railway goes up to the summit, where there is an observation terrace and a restaurant.

The stamp images from the top left to the bottom right are as follows:

  1. Panorama of Lugano showing the tower of San Lorenzo Cathedral, a gothic church dating back to the thirteenth and fourteenth century.
  2. Modern Lugano: a bank building designed by architect Camponovo.
  3. The Salita Chiattone footpath from the city centre to San Lorenzo Cathedral.
  4. Villa Saroli, constructed in 1904 in the middle of a large park with rare plants and an orangery. Property of the city of Lugano.
  5. The Santa Maria degli Angeli church in late Roman style, built between 1499 and 1515. Inside the church is a famous fresco by Luini Bernardino.
  6. The LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) cultural centre, built on the site of the former Palace Hotel, the facade of which has been preserved, is a centre for exhibitions, concerts and conferences and home to the Art Museum of the City of Lugano.
  7. Via Cattedrale is a pedestrian road near the funicular railway, which leads from the city centre to the railway station.
  8. The wrought-iron gates of the Villa Ciani, which was built by the Ciani family in 1840 on the grounds of a former palace dating from 1622, with a 63,000m2 park on the lakefront.
  9. The arbours of Via della Posta, a pleasant shopping street in the centre of Lugano.
  10. The William Tell monument, created by the renowned sculptor Vincenzo Vela in 1856, currently on the lakefront promenade in front of the entrance to Villa Ciani Park.

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