2002 VI Definitive – € 2,03


2002 VI Definitive – € 2,03


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€ 2,03 (2002) Single
€ 2,03 — Kapitelschwemme, Salzburg
The Kapitelschwemme forms the centre of the spacious Kapitelplatz in Salzburg. It is an example of Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich’s radical reconstruction of Salzburg by which he intended to turn medieval Salzburg into the Rome of Renaissance popes. This fountain is picturesquely framed with willow trees and was originally used to wash horses. It was created in 1732 by Franz Anton Danreiter, by order of Archbishop Leopold Freiherr von Firmians. The Neptune sculpture with the sea horses is by Josef Anton Pfaffinger. The alcove protruding from the house at the corner of Kaigasse and Kapitelgasse was not, as one would assume, a purely decorative statement but had a tangible political function. From this viewpoint the road traffic in the government quarters could be conveniently controlled.

€ 2,03 (sheet of 20 stamps)


Printed in offset lithography by The House of Questa (United Kingdom)


710,000 stamps


Adapted as stamp by Rorie Katz (United Nations, New York)


40 mm horizontally by 30 mm vertically

Perforation: 14

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