2002 VI Definitive – € 0,87


2002 VI Definitive – € 0,87


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€ 0,87 (2002) Single
€ 0,87 Stift Melk an der Donau
The Stift Melk (Melk Abbey) has been a great cultural and spiritual centre for more than 1,000 years. It was first a Babenberger castle and in 1089 it was transformed into a Benedictine monastery by Margrave Leopold II. For over 900 years, monks have lived there in observance of the rules formulated by Saint Benedict. Throughout its history, the convent of Melk has contributed significantly to the arts, music an natural sciences. Connected to the monastery are a school and a library, which houses a collection of precious medieval manuscripts and famous ceiling frescoes by Paul Troger. A grandiouse baroque building structure was erected between 1702 to 1736 under the then Abbot of Melk, Berthold Dietmayr, and the great Austrian architect Jakob Prandtauer. Today the abbey building is Austria’s most famous example of baroque architecture and remains one of the most important cultural ensembles of Europe.

€ 0,87 (sheets of 20 stamps)


Printed in offset lithography by The House of Questa (United Kingdom)


760,000 stamps


adapted as a stamp by Rorie Katz (United Nations, New York)


40 mm horizontally x 30 mm vertically

Perforation: 14

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