2002 VI Definitive – € 0,73 – Full Sheet


2002 VI Definitive – € 0,73 – Full Sheet


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€ 0,73 (2002) Full Sheet
€ 0,73 — Hallstatt
The Hallstatt region comprises a multifaceted natural landscape that includes both historic and cultural dimensions. With its unique network of caves and variety of flora and fauna, the region is considered a complex phenomenon. Human activity in the magnificent natural landscape of the Salzkammergut region began in prehistoric times, when its deposits of salt began to be exploited as early as the second millennium B.C. This resource formed the basis of the properity of the area up to the middle of the twentieth century, a properity that is reflected in the fine architecture of the town of Hallstatt.

€ 0,73 (sheet of 20 stamps)


Printed in offset lithography by The House of Questa (United Kingdom)


760,000 stamps


Adapted as stamp by Rorie Katz (United Nations, New York)


40 mm horizontally by 30 mm vertically

Perforation: 14

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