2002 VI Definitive – € 0.51


2002 VI Definitive – € 0.51


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€ 0,51 (2002) Single

Pferdeschwemme, Salzburg

The Pferdeschwemme, or horse-pond, situated on Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz in Salzburg, was planned and built by Fischer von Erlach around 1695. Here the horses of the archbishop’s stables could drink and were washed. The horse frescoes are by court painter Franz Anton Ebner, the middle group showing a fresco of a horse trader by M.B. Mandi. The frescoes serve as an encasement of the former quarry. The magnificent Schwemme underlines the significance of horses in the baroque period. Behind the Pferdeschwemme is the Sigmundstor (Sigmund’s Gate), which was created in the eighteenth century to join the old quarter and the quarter called Riedenburg.


€ 0,51 (sheet of 20 stamps)


Printed in offset lithography by The House of Questa (United Kingdom)


960,000 stamps


Adapted as stamp by Rorie Katz (United Nations, New York)


40 mm horizontally by 30 mm vertically

Perforation: 14

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