70TH Anniversary of UNPA New York


70TH Anniversary of UNPA New York


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On 30 April 2021, the United Nations Postal Administration will issue a special event sheet to commemorate the seventieth Anniversary of the New York office of the Administration. The sheet of ten $1.20 stamps feature various stamp issuances throughout the history of the United Nations Postal Administration. This sheet was designed by Sergio Baradat (United Nations). The tabs of the stamps feature iconic photographs throughout its history.

Customers with standing order requirements for special event sheets will automatically receive this item through their accounts.

Photo credit: UN Photo.

The United Nations stamp images show the

Left column from top to bottom:
a) 1967 Bronze image “Justice” stamps to commemorate World Expo 67 – only United Nations stamps valid for postage
in Canada. 5 CAD
b) 2004 Disarmament: Books, Not Guns definitive. 37 cent
c). 1976 United Nations stamp – Crayon painting of people. 4 cent
d) 1974 Dove and United Nations emblem – Universal theme and iconic stamp adopted by United Nations Collectors to serve as the logo for the United Nations Philatelists Inc. 2 cent
e) 1955 United Nations Tenth Anniversary stamp – “We the Peoples”. 3 cent

Right column from top to bottom:
a) 1989 Nobel Peace Prize (1988) – United Nations Geneva stamp. 25 cent
b) 1951 United Nations stamp to commemorate UNICEF. 5 cent
c) On October 24, 1951, the United Nations issued its first postage stamps, “Peoples of the World”. 1 cent
d) 1979 International Year of the Child first stamps issued by UNPA in mini-sheet format (sheets of 20) and sold out on the first day! 15 cent
e) 1966 United Nations Peacekeeping Observers – a significant theme that has persevered since the early days of the United Nations. 15 cent

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