2018 World Health Day

2018 World Health Day

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Today, at least half of the world’s people are unable to obtain essential health services. Many households are being pushed into poverty because they are forced to pay for health coverage out of their own pockets. This strain on the populace seriously undermines a country’s ability to develop socially and economically.

This is why Member States of the United Nations have pledged to provide universal health coverage for all people globally by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3.8). This means ensuring that all people have access to the health services they need. Countries have pledged to ensure that these services will be of sufficient quality to be effective and also that their people will not suffer financial hardship when paying for these services.

When this happens, people’s health will improve. Universal health coverage reduces poverty, creates jobs, drives economic growth for all, helps improve gender equality and can stop disease outbreaks turning into epidemics.

Each year, WHO offices, Member States, civil society and partners around the world observe the Organization’s signing of its Constitution and founding on 7 April, World Health Day. In 2018, WHO is dedicating World Health Day, its seventieth birthday, to universal health coverage: #HealthForAll.

The World Health Organization is delighted to be working with the United Nations Postal Administration to promote worldwide awareness and action to achieve health for everyone everywhere.