Sport for Peace

Olympic Single Set
Olympic CHF 1.00 se-tenant
Olympic €UR 1.70 se-tenant
Olympic €UR 0.68 se-tenant
Olympic CHF 2.00 se-tenant
Olympic US$ 1.15 se-tenant
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Sport for Peace


Product Description

On 22 July 2016, the UN Postal Administration will issue a set of stamps to promote the contribution of sport to peace. The date of issue comes exactly a week ahead of the start of the Olympic Truce period for this year’s 2016 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Based on the ancient Greek tradition of ekecheiria calling for a truce during the Olympic Games to encourage a peaceful environment and ensure safe passage, in 1993 the United Nations revived this ideal by passing General Assembly Resolutions in every Olympic year to urge Member States to respect the Olympic Truce. Through its most recent resolution in October 2015, the General Assembly called on Member States to observe the Truce from the seventh day before the start of the XXXI Olympic Summer Games until the seventh day following the end of the XV Paralympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

UNPA has partnered with the International Olympic Committee and the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace to develop and issue these colorful stamps which feature several Olympic sports.

The Olympic movement inspires people to contribute to a peaceful future for humankind through the educational value of sport. It brings together athletes from all parts of the world for the Olympic Games. One of the objectives of this great international sporting event is to promote peace, respect, mutual understanding and goodwill — goals it shares with the United Nations.

For more information about the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace, please visit For more information about the Olympic Truce please visit

Date of issue: 22 July 2016
Artist: Nick Iluzada (USA)
Denominations: 47¢, $1.15, CHF 1.00, CHF 2.00, € 0.68, € 1.70
Stamp size: 50mm x 35mm
Sheet size: 178mm x 127mm
Stamps per sheet: 6
Printer: Cartor Security Printing
Process: Offset lithography plus spot varnish and metallic ink
Perforation: 14 ½ x 14 ¼

  • 47 cents 28,000 sheets (168,000 stamps)
  • $1.15 28,000 sheets (168,000 stamps)
  • CHF 1.00 30,000 sheets (180,000 stamps)
  • CHF 2.00 30,000 sheets (180,000 stamps)
  • € 0.68 35,000 sheets (210,000 stamps)
  • € 1.70 35,000 sheets (210,000 stamps)

The Designs:

  • 47¢ Track and Field
  • $1.15 Olympic Flame and Dove
  • CHF 1.00 Rowing
  • CHF 2.00 Rhythmic Gymnastics
  • € 0.68 Weightlifting
  • € 1.70 Fencing

The Artist:

Nick Iluzada (USA) is an illustrator, designer, and cheap eats enthusiast living in Los Angeles, CA. When not sketchbooking, he can be found neck-deep in soccer-related activities. His clients include Apple, Google, Major League Soccer, The New York Times, and Wired. These are his first stamp designs for the United Nations.



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